How to Submit

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Receive your submission number via email
  3. Send clip and full production to
    Labeled in the following format: #submission number_full name_union number_production title


  • Performance must have first aired/screened between June 2nd 2020 and June 1st 2021. Either Internationally or in Canada
  • The performance must be on a UBCP/ACTRA or ACTRA signatory production – domestic or international
  • Submitted Performer/s must be UBCP/ACTRA (BC branch) members in good standing. Suspended, resigned, withdrawn members and members from other branches are not eligible
  • Must include Stunt Coordinator and other Stunt Performers in the scene (Stunt Riggers are not eligible)
  • Do not submit multiple stunts from same production/episode in one submission. Can submit multiple stunts from same production, but must be submitted individually
  • FirstLastUnion Number 

Once you click submit you will be sent a submission confirmation number via email. Make sure this number is used in the title of your video clips.


  • All clips and links must be downloadable
  • Cannot submit multiple stunts from same production/episode in one submission, must be one stunt only per submission
  • All files should be sent to and labeled with your submission number, name, union number and production like so: #4567_John Smith_1245_Production_Title
  • To submit a clip/production send the file directly via a file sharing program e.g. wetransfer, hightail, dropbox etc. or have your file hosted on a website with the download capability enabled e.g. Vimeo
  • If providing an online link it MUST have the option to download