Mission Statement: To advance recognition of the value and contributions Choreographers and Dancers bring to productions.

Vision Statement: The Dance committee envisions a thriving dance community where all members are respected, valued, and free from discrimination. We understand that the dance community consists of people from many backgrounds, and will approach all our initiatives through an intersectional lens.

Our Goal: To strengthen our community through cohesive standards and goals, and educational initiatives.

To Contact the Dance Committee: Email: dance.committee@ubcpactra.ca

Dance Committee Members:
Louise Hradsky (Co-Chair)
Jeffrey Mortensen (Co-Chair)
Cara Lee
Greer Whillans
Jared Khalifa
Melena Rounis
Ross Wirtanen
Sharon Lee
Joel Sturrock
Tessa Tamura
Kane Nelson
Troy McLaughlin
Mark Samuels (Toronto Observer)

Committee Support: Lori Stewart – Health & Safety, Performer Advocate – lori.stewart@ubcpactra.ca
Liaison: Keith Martin Gordey – keith@ubcpactra.ca