Qualifying Credits

To join as an Apprentice Member, a performer must have one qualifying credit. The first qualifying credit can be:

To join as a Full Member, a performer must have at least three qualifying credits. The first qualifying credit can be an Acting Credit, an Education Credit, or 1600hrs/200 days of work as a Background Member. Second and subsequent credits must be Acting Credits.

A member in good standing with SAG-AFTRA or Equity UK may apply to be a Full Member of UBCP/ACTRA after having worked on at least one residual bearing role on a UBCP/ACTRA production. For more information click here.

Credits are qualifying when they are not expired.

Deadlines for credit registration

An Education Credit must be registered within one (1) year of the date of graduation. The institution must submit a copy of the official transcript directly to the Union.

1 To obtain your payroll history, please contact Cast & Crew and Entertainment Partners Canada directly