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ACTRA and ACA have reached a tentative agreement.

Writer’s Guild of America Strike Action - FAQs

On May 2nd, the WGA took strike action against the AMPTP companies following unsuccessful negotiations and the expiry of the Guild’s Theatrical and Television Basic Agreement. Here we’ve provided some frequently asked questions.

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Ultra Low Budget Program

Our Ultra Low Budget Program was created to meet any budget so that union members and producers can work together on low budget productions while protecting the rights of performers. Get started here.

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What's Shooting?

Check out our what's shooting page for a list of film, television, and current low budget projects in production and pre-production. For questions about any productions in B.C. please contact our UBCP/ACTRA Business Representative.

ACTRA Magazine: Winter 2023

Enjoy the Winter 2023 edition of ACTRA Magazine… Catch up on the latest ACTRA news, stories, accolades and advice from around your union!