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UBCP/ACTRA Committees

Age Inclusion Working Group Committee
Garry Chalk (Chair)
Bonnie Hay (Co Chair)

Background Performers Committee

BIPOC Committee
Angela Moore (Chair)
Broadus Mattison (Co Chair)
Dhirendra (Co Chair)
Teana-Marie Smith (Co Chair)
Panthea Vatandoost (Co Chair)
Leslie Parmar (Co Chair)

Dance Committee
Louise Hradsky (Co-Chair)
Jeffrey Mortensen (Co-Chair)
Keith Martin Gordey (Liaison)

Finance and Administration Committee
Keith Martin Gordey (Chair)

Governance Committee
Jo Bates (Co-Chair)
Broadus Mattison (Co-Chair)

Guardians of Minors Committee
Keith Martin Gordey (Chair)

Member Education Committee
John Cassini (Chair)
Angela Moore (Co-Chair)
Shawn Macdonald (Co-Chair)

Mental Health and Addiction Committee
Liza Huget (Chair)
Enid-Raye Adams (Co-Chair)
Simon MacIntyre (Co-Chair)

Performers with Disabilities Committee
TBC – Staff liaison
Liza Huget (Liaison)
Shawn Macdonald (Liaison)

Performers who Create Committee
John Cassini (Chair)
Laura Adkin (Co-Chair)

Principal Performers Committee
John Cassini (Chair)
Rob LaBelle (Co-Chair)

Puppeteers Committee
Glenn Williams (Chair)
Ellie Harvie (Liaison)

Queer Performers Committee
Simon MacIntyre (Chair)
Barbara Beall (Co-Chair)
Shawn Macdonald (Co-Chair)

Scholarship Fund Committee
Keith Martin Gordey (Chair)

Stand In Committee
TBC (CHair)

Stunt Committee 
Rob Hayter (Chair)
John Cassini (Co-liaisons)
TBC (Co-liaisons)

Vancouver Island Committee
TBC (Chair)

Women’s Committee
Enid-Raye Adams (Chair)
Angela Moore (Co-Chair)

YEAA (Young Emerging Actors Assembly) Committee
Isaac Keoughan (Chair)
John Cassini (Co-liaisons)
Shawn Macdonald (Co-liaisons)