President’s Message

UBCP/ACTRA President Keith Martin Gordey

With 6,500 Members, the Union of BC Performers (UBCP/ACTRA) is the second largest and fastest growing ACTRA Branch—thriving in the third largest production centre in North America.

If you are looking for world class talent  look no further than our Members, whether you want Actors, Stunts, Voice Artists, Background Performers, Puppeteers, Stand Ins, Performance Capture, Hand Models, Dancers, Choreographers or whatever you require to make your movie, television series, commercial, short film, web series, documentary or what you will.

If you aspire to succeed in this profession and want to be numbered among the best we are the union for you.  All our Members work under and are protected by our hard won agreements, which are enforced by our dedicated staff.  We are a community of engaged sisters and brothers  who stand in solidarity and look out for each other.  We have health and retirement plans to take care of you now and in the future.  We have top notch education opportunities with highly sought after instructors at reduced rates for Members.  And that is just some of what our Union offers.

If you are a Member already and have taken the time to read this message, thank you.  I encourage you to get more involved in your Union, if you aren’t involved already.  It is your Union.  Its strength lies in the power of its Members participation.  We need your collaboration, we need your ideas, whether it is committee work, showing up at Membership Meetings and Celebrations or just letting your board know how you feel.

These are exciting times.  There are over 60,000 people working in this industry in Beautiful British Columbia.  Our product is seen around the world and its quality is recognized.  Join the party.

UBCP/ACTRA President