Solidarity is fundamental to our strength as a union.

We only make progress if we stick together.

Why would any producer pay UBCP/ACTRA rates if they could get UBCP/ACTRA talent at a fraction of the cost?

Whether Background, Apprentice, or Full member, you have a responsibility to other members to refuse all non-union work.  The members believe this so strongly that our constitution and bylaws contain very strict penalties for those who work in non-union productions, including permanent expulsion from the union.

If you have information on non-union production, please contact or 604 689-0727 extension 2249.

We will approach the production with the many benefits of working under our contracts.

Help us turn non-union commercials into union production

By reporting any details you have on non-union commercials, you will be helping us in our campaign to reach out to the advertisers and turn those productions into union productions.

Please contact or  604 689-0727 extension 2249.

UBCP/ACTRA has agreements for all sizes of production. 

If you are asked to perform in a student film or other low budget production, make sure the producer has signed a contract with UBCP/ACTRA.

The Union has established Ultra Low Budget Programs in order to allow Union Members and producers the ability to work together on low-budget productions while protecting the rights of the performers.

  • Student ULB Program
  • 40 Under Indie ULB Program
  • Standard ULB Program.
  • Other Agreements